Cleaning services are determined by the job, not by the hour. Services covered, but not limited to:





- done by fibrous duster (Swiffer), damp cloth and/or polish, depending on client's preference


- baseboards dusted. Door frames and handles are wiped


- ceiling fans dry dusted depending on accessibility


- dusting of collectibles/valuables is the sole responsibility of their owner






- all floors vacuumed


- furniture vacuumed if requested by the customer (floors under furniture are vacuumed, however heavy items are not moved)






- floors are mopped with appropriate cleaning solution as per customer's request (hot water only, water with all purpose cleaner, water with wood floor cleaner, etc.)




Bathrooms and Kitchens


- all fixtures (handles, light switches, countertops, sinks, etc.) will be wiped down


- empty personal hygiene containers, tissue boxes, etc. will be discarded and included in the garbage collection


- all appliances will be wiped down (stainless steel appliances are subject to an additional fee)


- refrigerator interiors may be cleaned at the customer's request. However, an additional charge will apply, plus any spoiled and expired items must be removed prior to the cleaning time


- kitchen stoves/ovens may be cleaned at the customer's request. However, an additional charge will apply, plus any oven racks must be removed and oven cleaner applied prior to the scheduled cleaning time






- any garbage and/or recycling will be collected and left in an appropriate location on site


What we do and what we cover


Quality Plus Cleaning Service is proud of our commitment to excellence in providing a professional, dependable and customized cleaning service with the goal to exceed the expectations of our residential and commercial clientele.



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